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Hi, I am Danni.
I’m a trans activist
and policy wonk.

I work as the Executive Director
of Gender Justice League

I am a community based activist & organizer who is passionate about civil rights, health care access, and addressing homelessness. I am dedicated policy and political wonk working across progressive movements for social change. In my spare time I like to bike and am an avid rock climber.

Health Insurance Policymaking0%
Fundraising & Development0%
Employment & HR Policy0%
Safe Schools Policy & Curriculum Design0%
Campaign & Ballot Measure Communications 0%

I have worked for 10 years as a social worker, mental health provider, and manager for various organizations.

I founded Gender Justice League, was the National Program Director for GSA Network, Policy Director at Basic Rights Oregon, and was the Trans Health Program Director at Verbena.

I have lectured at over 200 universities, companies, organizations, and schools on issues impacting LGBTQ communities.

I have worked on a number of ballot measure campaigns for the LGBTQ community from non-discrimination measures, to same-sex marriage, to successfully defeating the country’s first anti-transgender ballot measure.


I’m looking to learn new technology. My interests are in web development, databases, & mobile apps.


I am ready to move to your company’s city if needed.


I have been a team leader for 2 years at the last position and am looking for a similar position.


I’m looking to learn new technology. My interests are in web development, databases, & mobile apps.

Press Coverage

Here is some press coverage of my work.

Latest tweets

Danni Askini
@danniaskiniJan 19
@equalrightswa Congrats on all of the hard work over several years to get this bill through the Senate!!!
Danni Askini
@danniaskiniJan 19
RT @equalrightswa: Conversion Therapy Ban for minors (SB 5722) passed by Washington State Senate, 32-16! #BornPerfect
Danni Askini
@danniaskiniJan 19
RT @ACLU: The Trump administration announced a new division that will prioritize religious objections over the health and civil rights of w…
Danni Askini
@danniaskiniJan 19
RT @pgcornwell: More than 250 people told us how and when they learned about consent. The responses were enlightening and, in many cases, d…
Danni Askini
@danniaskiniJan 18
RT @GenderJusticeWA: Help! We are looking for ten new monthly donors of $10 or more by the end of the month. Is it you? Let us help #trans…
Danni Askini
@danniaskiniJan 16
RT @LambdaLegal: Important words, especially in these times. Thank you, Dr. King. #MLKDay https://t.co/PzXLVVEapa

I am a dedicated individual who is passionate about justice, equity, and public policy.

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